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Everyone loves stories about our favourite criminal organisation :)


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Microsoft has announced a critical Windows security flaw
that affects all versions of the OS except for XP.  You
need to download and install a patch.  Microsoft's servers
are swamped right now, I'm not able to download the patch.

This is a rough one for Microsoft.  The vulnerability is
that a buggy ActiveX control that the company distributed
can be tricked into running arbitrary code on your system.
The immediate fix is to download and install a fixed version
of the control.

However, if you visit a Web page or receive HTML email from
a bad guy, the buggy version of the control can be silently
reinstalled.  This is a problem for anyone who clice the
"Always trust content from ..." checkbox during browser

The long-term fix, according to Microsoft, is to remove
Microsoft from your list of trusted publishers.

That's a commendable recommendation -- it's correct and it's
responsible to tell users how to fix the problem.  It has to
be a bad day at Microsoft PR HQ, though.

Slashdot's covering the story, see



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