UUNite / AUUG Meeting Tonight

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Wed Nov 20 09:20:33 EST 2002

A reminder that the UUNite / AUUG - Unix/Linux interest group are 
having their regular monthly meeting tonight.  This meeting is free
for all interested to attend.  Michael Cohen has kindly offered to 
give us a run down on his new open source proxy firewall software 
suite tonight, at the November meeting. (Blurb Below.)

Don't Forget.....Time and place
6 PM
Wed 20th of November
Ground Floor IBM Building
8 Brisbane Ave.
Barton ACT

Overview of Topic

Proxy based firewalls offer superior protection to packet filtering
firewalls. Because the proxies are interpreting each protocol, it is 
possible to specify fine grained policies controlling how specific 
protocols are to be used, not only which protocols are allowed. 
REAPOFF (Regular Expression, Arbitrary Protocol, Opensource Filtering 
Firewall) aims to be an enterprise level proxying firewall. If has a 
number of unique features, some of which are not found in any other 
firewall on the market at this time. A small sample of these are:

-Transparent proxying support for FTP, HTTP, SMTP etc.
-Full SSL man in the middle proxying for inspection of SSL encrypted
  data streams.
-Extensive HTTP proxy with fine grained site control and content
  filtering, as well as privacy controls.
-In lined intrusion detection - useful for terminating suspicious 
  connections without affecting service quality.
-Fully programmable configuration language - new proxies and rules 
  can be written directly into the configuration file without the 
  need to alter the code.
-Innovative GUI, easy configuration in a logical and straightforward 

Proxies are configured from simple building blocks allowing versatility 
and control over the overall behaviour.

This talk will introduce REAPOFF and demonstrate some of these features. 
REAPOFF is distributed under the GPL.

Come along and see it in action 8-)

Neil Pickford

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