Project management

Terence Kearns tkearns at
Fri Nov 15 17:33:37 EST 2002

Alex Satrapa wrote:

>When used properly, Word is a great documentation tool.  It provides
>features that I use all the time such as:
> - Outline mode (work breakdown structures, document outlines, etc)
> - Comments/Annotations
> - Footnotes and endnotes
> - Paragraph numbering (that makes sense)
> - Style based formatting
Agreed. However, the amount of people I know who acutally know what 
outline mode *is*, is a very small percentage of word users. It's almost 
as easy to get people to use a wysiwyg docbook authoring tool 
(spy/xmetal) - and what you end up with is something *infinately more 
useful*. In reality, people abuse word and the results are painful :-(

of course introducing another peice of software to do so is a drawback 
if your organisation doesn't already use such XML (or SGML) tools.

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