USB modems and linux

Robert Cohen robert at
Wed Nov 13 00:37:58 EST 2002

Rodney Peters <rpeters at> wrote
> Everythinglinux sell a few Linux compatible
> modems.  The much more expensive Netcomm Roadster USB is in this category
> (however, I am not certain that it is full hardware).  If a couple of hundred
> $ for 56kb/s does not grab you, then you could consider their IN5699 PCI
> internal, semi-hardware, modem.  Don't know whether Everythinglinux provide
> the driver, but you can get it from

Yeah I eventually spotted them and will look at buying a serial port
card so I can use a serial modem. I tried one serial card already (from
a local shop), but it wasnt compatible.
Which was when I decided to try the USB modem instead.

> Better option, perhaps, is to throw together a firewall box out of whatever
> Pentium 1 stuff you have and use the serial port on that.

Thats precisely what I am doing. Unfortunately the old pentium box I
have spare only has one serial port and I need 2.


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