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Tue Nov 12 15:04:54 EST 2002

On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 04:00, Michael James wrote:

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> Subject: Suse 8.1
> Well full marks to everythinglinux,
>  the Suse 8.1 CDs arrived before they said they would.
> Their follow-up email is a persuasive ploy too,
>  "There are over 250 Meg of patches by now,
>    would you like an errata CD for an extra $10?"
> Before the requests come in,
>  there are 8 CDs including the patches
>  and I am too busy to burn many copies.
> That said, it looks good
>  and I like to have other Susites to chat with on Linux nights

I did enquire of every red-head at one meeting a few months ago - alas it 
seems you were not in attendance.

I plan attending the November meeting.  If so, I'm likely to be the baldest 
person wearing an Everythinglinux penguin pin.  Might be accompanied by a 
grey-bearded SuSEite of even greater vintage.

We are certainly interested in trying 8.1.  We are used to the 3 CD Desktop 
distro of SuSE 7.2 - however, I doubt that translates to the first 3 CD of 
the Pro distro.

>  can't wait to spin it and see how it plays,

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