linux in government

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Thu Nov 7 21:34:53 EST 2002

John Griffiths (john at wrote:
> Work requires windows at work until such time as i can handle docs and pdfs
> as i would in windows.

Heh, if I was running MS Windows I'd toss out every .doc as they are
generated by virus proliferation tools that people mistake for a word
processor ;)  Seriously... there's lots of GUI tools for .doc files,
most of which were discussed recently.

As for PDF's, what's the problem?  I read and create PDF's fine on Linux
(and FreeBSD), though granted you're probably looking for something more
like Acrobat / Distiller (?) than hacking DocBook in Vim ;) There
possibly is an open source equivalent, I just haven't looked...

If there isn't, perhaps that's an idea for a CLUG christmas challenge,
after all we already have people with PDF creation experience and a
decent library to use...

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