LCD displays going cheap

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Nov 7 13:18:08 EST 2002

Just wanted to let people know that Dick Smith are selling 2 line x 16 
character LCD displays (no backlight) on special this month for about $18.50 ( 
I can't quite remember). These modules comfortably fit into a 5.25" drive 
blanking panel on your desktop/tower box and can be readily interfaced to the 
parallel printer port (assuming you don't use it for a parallel printer :-).

"What use is that?", I hear you ask? Well, if you want to display the name of 
the MP3 track you are currently listening to, but don't want that to interfere 
with your game of Quake then here is a solution. Also can be used for general 
system monitoring functions: load, temp, voltage, fan rpms, noise level 
generated by hard disk (OK, not that one ;-) etc. There are many websites out 
there that describe how to wire it up and make it do something useful.


Bob Edwards.

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