[Q] (Slightly OT) KVM Over CAT5 or Other....

Dale Shaw DShaw at exceed.com.au
Thu Nov 7 13:03:17 EST 2002


This same question came up in August on the SAGE-AU mailing list.. The
only link that I can find in the thread that ensued was:


These guys have a bunch of devices that may be of interest. I suspect
none of them could be considered 'cheap', but I haven't really checked
it out.


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Aside from my Linux boxes I have 2 Windoze (one for work and the other
wifes). What I want to do however is just have a monitor, keyboard,
mouse on
my desk and my wife's and locate the physical boxes about 20-30m (CAT5
run) away in another room. (This will help cut down the noise of running
boxes 24/7) I know such products exist and was wondering if anyone had
suggestions or recommendations. Now if I could squeeze a USB hub on as
then the possibilities are endless. ;-)

Any pointers, suggestions greatly appreciated.

-- Donovan

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