Surviving in a DOC infested world

Daniel Smith drs at
Tue Nov 5 23:20:23 EST 2002

> The word that generated it was recent, Office 2000 or XP.
> Fired up OpenOffice,
>  didn't think running off the net would work for a standalone workstation,
>  couldn't figure why I needed 200Meg of files dumped in my home dir either
>  but what the heck, loaded them up.
> Opened doc, OO declairs an irremedial error
>  and segfaults itself out of existence.
> Try again, same problem. Don't have another (gentler) doc.


I'm guessing this is the Fast/Auto Save gremlin. Sometimes Word can't even
figure out what it meant on a different machine.

You are sending in a bug report, right?

Options in order of preference.

wvWare: Converts word documents to RTF, HTML, TeX.
	Command line based.
	OO should handle it's output.

wine and the freely downloadable MSWord viewer.
	Word XP and 2000 have the same file format AFAIR.
	but this only allows you to read and print, not edit.

And if this is a regular annoyance, well Codeweavers are cheaper
than vmWare (or a Windows licence!).

If you feel nasty, send them back their document as postscript. :-)


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