Iptables tracking download usage

Joel Pearson pearj at writeme.com
Mon Nov 4 20:41:31 EST 2002

After I applied the patch, it broke even earlier than before, it doesn't
even finish the make install.  It used to right to the end of the make

[root at roadkill tcpquota-1.6.15.orig]# make install
Cleaning source directory
  Creating config dir...            done.
  Creating lib dir...               done.
Installing in /usr/local...
Installing user binaries....        done.
Installing system binaries......    done.
Installing configuration files..... done.
Installing start script...          done.
Installing cron script.             done.
Installing support libraries.....   done.
Installing library binaries..       done.
Installing manuals...........       done.
postinst called with unkown argument: $1

So it manages to install itself, but whatever the post install script is
doesn't work.  

I installed all the perl modules you said I needed. 

When I try and run tcpquotaadmin is has about 20 of these errors:
Malformed UTF-8 character (unexpected non-continuation byte 0x6e,
immediately after start byte 0xe4) at
/usr/local/lib/tcpquota/tcpquota.pl line 1193.

Then at the end it says:
Can't connect(dbi:%ENGINE%:tcpquota:%SERVER%, , ), no database driver
specified and DBI_DSN env var not set at
/usr/local/lib/tcpquota/tcpquota.pl line 330

This is because the postinstall didn't get to ask me which database I
wanted to use.

If you have any ideas I'd be greatful, but I think I've almost given up
on this package.

I run Redhat 8 if that makes any difference.

I also tried applying both diffs but that didn't go down to well.



Joel Pearson
Email: pearj at writeme.com
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On Mon, 04 Nov 2002, Joel Pearson wrote:
> I had a go at trying to use the tcpquota package, but it pretty much
> fell over. So I guess I needed to update the source from the newest
> diff, but I wasn't having anyluck
Did you have the necessary deps?  It requires perl5, libdbi-perl,
libnet-perl and libdbd-mysql-perl or libdbd-msql-perl.  Not sure what
packages these map to on other dists though.

> I downloaded tcpquota_1.6.15.orig.tar.gz and
> but I have no idea how to patch the original tcpquota.  Any ideas?

You'll need to unpack the tcpquota tarball then try "gunzip -c
tcpquota_1.6.15-9.diff.gz | patch -p0" from the directory where you
unpacked the tarball.


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