Automating the Default Route (?)

Irena and Richard Jenkins rjenkins at
Sat Nov 2 15:16:27 EST 2002

I run Mandrake 8.2 on this powermac.  It is connected to my wife's iMac by a 
crossover cable ... and both macs can see each other okay using either MacOS9 
or linux.  When connecting to my ISP I use kppp ... and then I cannot get 
past the login!

I found that by opening a terminal, becoming superuser and issuing the 
command '/sbin/ifconfig eth0 down' , I can surf the net and recover emails.  
I am happy to do this on a temporary basis ... but where do I place this 
command so I don't have to execute it manually every time I connect to my 
ISP.  Will it change my home network if I make such a change??


Irena and Richard Jenkins                                      VK1NDV & VK1RJ
Canberra,  AUSTRALIA

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