mystified by mailto address

Bill Clarke llib at
Fri Nov 1 11:00:41 EST 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 10:48, Simon Burton wrote:
> Hi all,
> Been trying to contact this guy:
> mailto:overcode+sdlgc at
> and have tried all kinds of combinations.
> Is the '+' just a space? I don't think sylpheed
> is handling the space (just dropping the first word).
> Any ideas? He has other mailto addresses but
> they all do this '+' thing:

name+something at somewhere is sent to name at somewhere.  if your mailer is
not accepting it then it's broken; lots of web-based mailers and forms
won't accept name+something at somewhere which is really annoying since you
can use the +something as a filter.

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