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Paul Bryan katenpaul at
Tue May 28 22:28:31 EST 2002

I'd like to know what this is all about.

My housemate has a PS2 but he's from Wagga and hasn't brought down yet.

I'll keep hassling though...
On 28-May-2002 Gary Woodman wrote:
> --- John Griffiths <john at> wrote:
>> has anyone else put an order in for linux ps2 kits?
> Not so far...
>> anyone interested in sharing knowledge when they arrive?
> It's been quite a while since the kids and I were interested in the
> same hardware... I don't think we've *ever* been interested in the same
> software!
> So yes, I'm interested, not ready to commit funds just yet but I have
> some time for leg work or finger work... Linux continues to pop up all
> over the place, and I think it's in everyone's best interests that we
> encourage and support people who are making the jump off the
> juggernaut.
> Gary
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