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Damien Elmes clug at
Sun May 26 14:56:47 EST 2002

Michael Still <mikal at> writes:

> On Sat, 25 May 2002, Damien Elmes wrote:
>> Michael Still <mikal at> writes:
>> > This is exactly the solution I bought, from the same place...
>> Great minds think alike (or we're both just cheap bastards ;-)
> Well, I have seen the PCMCIA cards as low as $109 from, so I
> didn't buy the cheapest cards I could find.

Just a gentle quip ;-) The D-link cards have a nice price/sensitivity ratio

>> ... I'd really like to detach X programs from an existing server and
>> start running them on a new one...
> Last time I tried, this wasn't much fun over 10mbit...

Really? Galeon is a little sluggish, but for loading emacs in an X window, or
streaming a GTK interface to a music player on another computer, I don't
notice much delay at all.

>> > There is a page on my site (, which outlines my
>> > experience with this process... Basically, it just works.
>> Ahh, that's neat. I saw the 'warning, this is for testing purposes', and was a
>> bit warned off - but it appears the driver functions quite well. Thanks for
>> that - I've now got a linux box for an access point.
>> What driver do you use for the PCMCIA end? I'm using the linux-wlan-ng drivers
>> at the moment, as the kernel pcmcia hermes driver seems to drop to about 30k/s
>> from 550+k/s after stopping and starting a few transfers.
> I'm using David Gibson's excellent orinoco_cs drivers... They come in the
> 'box' with 2.4.18 or so.

These are the ones I seem to have encountered difficulty with (specifically,
the hermes/orinoco kernel driver in 2.4.18. If I could resolve that issue with
the speed dropping after a moment's utilisation, I'd happily check it out


Damien Elmes

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