Greeks Bearing Gifts

Nicolas Cherbuin n.cherbuin at
Wed May 22 09:48:56 EST 2002

I bought redhat 7.2 (5CDs) from Karun Damciek for $11.-. They were 
delivered very promptly and the goods were as expected.
One should be careful (and specific) when criticising someone else, 
especially when it could be interpreted as a racist comment....

Hope it helps


At 11:22 AM 21/05/02 +0430, Patrick - wrote:

>>This is probably out of line (especially given my role in starting the
>>thread), but perhaps now that people are aware of the options, this
>>discussion should be taken off list?
>Perhaps not, as we do not know why Glen stupidly bought from him, and if 
>he had any problems purchasing from him. We also dont know if anybody else 
>have had problems or their experience. Ive just searched on the linuxsa 
>archives, and found a message with a positive experience.
>The address for the archived message is 
>MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos: 


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