Problem Installing Debian on ASUS M/b

Stephen Hodgman steve at
Wed May 15 11:42:19 EST 2002

I am trying to install Debian 2.2r6 on an ASUS P4T-E (Bios Rev 1005) Motherboard 
and it is having problems recognising the Floppy disk.  It seems the kernel is doing 
something to the FDC so it reports "no floppy controllers found" even though it just 
booted off the floppy!!

I found a reference on the net to this problem with Redhat
 and I tried to apply the fix to the bootsect.S but it does not seem to have worked.

So either:
1. I applied the patch wrongly or
2. That is not the problem and it is something else.

Can anyone help or have you seen this before please?
Can someone supply me with the exact patch for the 2.219 kernel as the one in the 
above link refers to 2.4.x


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