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Sun May 12 10:59:15 EST 2002

"Jan-Yun Lou" <loujanyun at> wrote in message
news:20020512002439.55869.qmail at
> Hi
> I'll assume that you are the administrator of this ML?
>  This is just my opinion, but it might have been
> better to ask people their opinions about being added
> to gmane before doing so as it does seem a potential
> spam-trap (I say potential because the gmane people do
> seeming to be trying to cut spam).  Whilst gmane seems
> to have gotten how to stop spammers from spamming the
> actual MLs,  there doesn't seem to be anything
> stopping them from harvesting email addresses via
> bots.  I was wondering if you could provide more
> information on this?
> Another thing, do all messages posted on the ML
> automatically get feeded into the newsgroup version,
> or is it posssible to post to the ML, but not to the
> newsgroup?
> BTW, I'm not very familiar with news, so maybe someone
> can tell me the advantages of reading the list via
> news as opposed to via email (where I filter
> everything into one folder and thread the messages)?
> Pearl
> On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 16:09, Karun wrote:
> > Hello,
> > This list has been added to the Gmane news server
> see
> >
> > The newsgroup for it is
> news://
> >
> > Karun
> >
> >
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Here is an introduction about the gmane service. For more information see

Much interesting discussion today takes place on mailing lists. This is
inconvenient. If you become interested in a subject, you want to know what's
being discussed, and you want to familiarize yourself with the culture of
the list. This means that you need to get an overview of previous
Several mailing lists archives exist, but these are all hidden under a web
interface. Reading mail that way is not convenient. Reading mail as if it
were news is convenient.

This is what Gmane offers. Mailing lists are funnelled into news groups.
This isn't a new idea; several mail-to-news gateways exist. What's new with
Gmane is that no messages are ever expired from the server, and the gateway
is bi-directional. You can post to these mailing lists without being
subscribed to them yourself.

Not all mailing lists allow non-subscribers to post, and some are moderated.
Gmane requires that users post to Gmane groups using a valid e-mail address,
and requires a one-time authorization per group


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