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Thu May 9 09:54:49 EST 2002

Wow.  I must admit that I wouldn't shop at Renew unless there was nowhere 
else to go as they haven't been very good to me but I must say that it 
looks like they treated you even better than me.

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Searching for CPU:

> I can recommend against going through Renew computers unless no there are 
> other viable avenues. They are overpriced, completely unwilling to 
bargain or
> listen to reason, and you will get better warranties from the market 
guys. If
> you do have to visit them, make sure you don't mention that you are a 
linux user
> or they will void the insignificant warranty they do give (I'm not 
> Can't say anything either way about lanyon computers.

> Cheers, Ben Westgarth

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> Subject:  Re: Searching for CPU

> > Does anyone know of a place that sells older CPUs?  I am looking
> for a
> > K6-2/400 AFQ or similar chip to go into a laptop.  If anyone has
> any
> > similar desktop CPUs I'd be interested in giving one a try instead
> >

> Jeremy,

> One place is Lanyon Computers at
> <>.  They currently have an AMD K6-
> 2/450 for $98.00 listed on their web site. Another possibility might
> be Renew Computers <> although their web site
> does not list a lot of older stuff and it appears they deal in more
> than just computers.  Another possibility, is to go to the markets -
> there are a lot of second hand stalls there now.

> Usual disclaimer: never dealt with either of this companies, so use
> at your own risk.  Just know they exist here in Canberra and they
> sell older equipment.

> Mark P.
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> .sig - TBA

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