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I can recommend against going through Renew computers unless no there are no
other viable avenues. They are overpriced, completely unwilling to bargain or
listen to reason, and you will get better warranties from the market guys. If
you do have to visit them, make sure you don't mention that you are a linux user
or they will void the insignificant warranty they do give (I'm not kidding!).
Can't say anything either way about lanyon computers.

Cheers, Ben Westgarth

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Subject:  Re: Searching for CPU

> Does anyone know of a place that sells older CPUs?  I am looking
for a
> K6-2/400 AFQ or similar chip to go into a laptop.  If anyone has
> similar desktop CPUs I'd be interested in giving one a try instead


One place is Lanyon Computers at
<>.  They currently have an AMD K6-
2/450 for $98.00 listed on their web site. Another possibility might
be Renew Computers <> although their web site
does not list a lot of older stuff and it appears they deal in more
than just computers.  Another possibility, is to go to the markets -
there are a lot of second hand stalls there now.

Usual disclaimer: never dealt with either of this companies, so use
at your own risk.  Just know they exist here in Canberra and they
sell older equipment.

Mark P.
.sig - TBA

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