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Simon Fowler simon at
Fri Mar 22 13:15:37 EST 2002

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 01:00:44PM +1100, Damien Elmes wrote:
> Alex Satrapa <grail at> writes:
> > I don't mind paying this much for ADSL, after all, Telstra can't do it all
> > themselves - they have to ship the bits over to the USA to be processed, then
> > ship them back so they can go where they're supposed to.  All that Mexican
> > labour costs money.  It's not like the networking gear located in Australia is
> > actually capable of routing and switching all on its own, is it?
> >
> > Okay.  Spleen vented.  Thanks for reading.
> Actually, that's part of the point. Telstra justify the expensive US internet
> market by charging us a packet (heh) for the data we use. There is *no* attempt
> to deliver free or cut-price data for Australian traffic. Hell, with free
> access to mirror.aarnet, I'm sure a lot of us would be much more content.
mirror.aarnet isn't free to /anyone/ - I believe there's a flat rate
for everyone on aarnet of $22.50/GB, including the people hosting it
(current ANU). 

They /should/ be charging the customers at that rate, though, not at
the same rate as for international traffic (which is probably at
least five times as much per megabyte).

> And charging for traffic from one bigpond ADSL connection to another? It's
> evil. 
Big $$$ for Telstra . . . Must keep up that $3 billion profit now
we're a publically listed company!

Now, the fact that a publically listed company currently controls a 
'natural monopoly' in a piece of essential infrastructure has 
/nothing/ to do with all this price gouging, does it . . . They're 
/responsible/ with their power! Aren't they? 

Someone screwed up seriously when they deregulated the telecoms
industry . . . 

</rant> (Good day for a rant, it seems ;-)


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