Colour maps

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Wed Mar 20 10:33:32 EST 2002

While we are on the subject, I have been trying to
get a Solaris app displaying on Xfree86 and while
it works on both Linux and Windows 2000, colours
are not always displayed correctly. (white seems
to show as blue)

I *think* it's because the app is expecting a 24 bpp
display[1] (Aka S24 framebuffer), but the Linux boxen
do not have a 24 bpp screen entry and CygWin won't
do 24 bpp for me either.


[1] I need to set CANVASDEPTH=24 before running it.

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For those games that need 16 or 8 bit colour depth on the X server.  Is 
there any tricky way to get them to run, maybe using Xnest or 
something?  I can't believe I need to edit my Xconfig to play the game.

Failing that could someone rattle off the right way to start an X 
server on another 'vterm', say vt8?


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