ppp max speed

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Wed Mar 20 00:57:33 EST 2002

I played a little more and the largest speed setting I could configure in pppd
was 921600 so I am assuming ppp can't go any faster then that.

Yes I am running ppp over ssh but don't think its the compression/encryption.  On
the slow box ssh and pppd are using 18% cpu each and there is nothing else
running on that box.  Plenty of spare horses.


On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 23:00:44 +1100 Martijn van Oosterhout scribbled:

>On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 10:29:13PM +1100, Grant Morphett wrote:
>> What is the max speed a ppp connection go?  i.e. if you run one over ethernet?
>>  I can't get more then 1Mbit.
>Considering that DSL is available over 1.5Mb, I'd say that's not the
>problem. Is your CPU up to the job? What problems are you actually seeing?
>(If you're doing PPP over SSH, it's the compression/encryption that's
>killing you. Don't do that, use CIPE).
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