Suggestions on Distributions

Jeremy jepri at
Tue Mar 19 17:58:52 EST 2002

>Hi all,
>I'm hoping not to start a religious flame war by my question, but I thought

>I would try to plumb the collective wisdom.
>I have a p166 with 64Mb RAM, a 10Gb hard disk and the obligatory CD-ROM (8x

>I think). I have had a number of different Redhat distributions installed
>over the last little while (RH7.2 ATM), however my machine tended to run
>like molasses in KDE and worse in  Gnome. I have read in a number of sources

>that many distributions are going down a "feature-rich" (or feature bloat
>depending on your view) style.

Most distros now seem to be optimised for around 500Mhz computers.  Throw on
any distribution you want, but choose something like BlackBox as your window
manager.  I have Debian going on a P-75 Laptop with 24Mb RAM and 800Mb HDD and
it is (barely) usable with Blackbox.  With a lightweight browser like Gecko
(or is it Galleon?) you should be allright.

> I was going to install Sorcerer GNU/Linux,
>but I ran into some problems and discovered that they have withdrawn their

>distribution due to unspecified disrespectful behaviour.

Damn that page.  It's not quite true.  Sorcerer Linux is still going, just provided
by a different team:

Sorcerer may be a bit uphill for a casual user though.  And you'd need a *LOT*
of bandwidth to download it all.

>Can anyone make some suggestions as to which distribution I might install
>where my system doesn't take a minute or two to open a window of an already

>running application (no I am not exaggerating). 

We believe you.

>System is mainly being used
>for internet and some games (mah-jongg, freecell and the like). Can anyone

>make suggestions?
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