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nelson nelson at
Tue Mar 19 04:33:11 EST 2002

try running a less resource intensive window manager....
as an example.  if i run fvwm i get pretty good damn performance
but if i switch to the fancier gnome/kde it's pretty sad - well
not that sad (running on a dual ppro 200 with 256M ram) but it's
slower.  the same test on my old p75 really shows the difference
more clearly.

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~Hi all,
~I'm hoping not to start a religious flame war by my question, but I thought
~I would try to plumb the collective wisdom.
~I have a p166 with 64Mb RAM, a 10Gb hard disk and the obligatory CD-ROM (8x
~I think). I have had a number of different Redhat distributions installed
~over the last little while (RH7.2 ATM), however my machine tended to run
~like molasses in KDE and worse in  Gnome. I have read in a number
~of sources
~that many distributions are going down a "feature-rich" (or feature bloat
~depending on your view) style. I was going to install Sorcerer GNU/Linux,
~but I ran into some problems and discovered that they have withdrawn their
~distribution due to unspecified disrespectful behaviour.
~Can anyone make some suggestions as to which distribution I might install
~where my system doesn't take a minute or two to open a window of an already
~running application (no I am not exaggerating). System is mainly being used
~for internet and some games (mah-jongg, freecell and the like). Can anyone
~make suggestions?
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