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Sam Couter scouter at bigpond.net.au
Fri Mar 15 19:32:32 EST 2002

rob shugg <rshugg at kinetitech.com.au> wrote:
> I want to tweek the setup now that it is running and I would like to use
> the dbootstrap config program rather that delving into the config files
> right away. How do i get going from the root prompt?

Do you mean debconf?

debootstrap is a program that can build a base Debian installation from
a Debian mirror. It just unpacks packages. I believe the plan is to use
it in some later incarnation of the Debian installer. It's probably not
what you mean.

debconf is the configuration tool used by many packages in Debian.
Remember the questions you answered while all the packages you selected
were being installed? That was debconf. It runs when you install
packages, so whatever you have installed has already been (at least
partially) configured.

To reconfigure a package that uses debconf, run:

dpkg-reconfigure <packagename>

Add "--priority=low" if you want to see all questions.

"man dpkg-reconfigure" for a whole lot more information.

And if you want to mess with stuff that a package doesn't cover with
debconf, either delve into the configuration files or try something like
webmin. I can't make any recommendations on what configuration tools are
good and what are bad, because I don't use them.
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