Help with configuring my keyboard.

Felix Karpfen felixk at
Fri Mar 15 04:16:04 EST 2002

I have just read an article that documents some of the tweaks that can
be made to the keyboard configuration

( - if anyone is

While I am not yet game to actually try any of the suggested tweaks, the
article encouraged me to look at what I have now.  And I do not even
understand my current defaults.

Attached to this posting are the relevant extracts from my
/etc/X11/XF86Config file in which I have flagged my queries.

All help will be gratefully received.

Felix Karpfen
Felix Karpfen
felixk at
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    #To set the LeftAlt to Meta, RightAlt key to ModeShift, 
    #RightCtl key to Compose, and ScrollLock key to ModeLock:

    LeftAlt        Meta
    RightAlt        Meta
   ScrollLock      Compose
   RightCtl        Control
****IS THIS TRUE?******
If so, just how does the ScrollLock work? 

# To customise the XKB settings to suit your keyboard, modify the
# lines below (which are the defaults).  For example, for a non-U.S.
# keyboard, you will probably want to use:
#    XkbModel    "pc102"

# If you have a US Microsoft Natural keyboard, you can use:
#    XkbModel    "microsoft"

****DO I HAVE THAT?***
My keyboard has (on the bottom line) 2 Microsoft Windows keys and 1
Microsoft `Start' key.

Opting for an available option under KDE, I have reconfigured the
keyboard to `Generic International (105 keys)' keyboard layout and `us'
keys.  This has assigned names to the above-mentioned keys.  But I have
no evidence that the change is reflected in my XF86Config file.

I also note that I have the option (provided by KDE) to change the
keytable from `us' to `us-latin1'.  However, I hesitate to go down that
road until I know what is involved.

# These are the default XKB settings for XFree86
#    XkbRules    "xfree86"
#    XkbModel    "pc101"
#    XkbLayout   "us"
#    XkbVariant  ""
#    XkbOptions  ""

   XkbKeycodes     "xfree86"
   XkbTypes        "default"
   XkbCompat       "default"
   XkbSymbols      "us(pc101)"
   XkbGeometry     "pc"
   XkbRules        "xfree86"
    XkbModel        "pc101"
    XkbLayout       "us"

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