Connection is Lost

Rodney Peters rpeters at
Thu Jun 27 15:28:36 EST 2002

I have similar problems when I use an external 28.8k Dataplex modem (now 
relegated to standby use).  Interestingly, the dropouts occurred with 
different propensity depending on whether kppp dialler or OS/2 DOIP dialler 
was used.  Its predecessor, a Maestro 14.4, worked flawlessly with the same 
cables, but was only used with OS/2 & a different ISP.

The message from ppp debug was "error 16" which translates to "modem hangup". 
 I'm not clear whether that refers to my modem or the ISP's.  

The problem may be beyond your immediate control.  I recall something on my 
ISP's help pages about their Access server having some technical limitations 
with 28.8k modems.  I think a software upgrade at their end was needed to fix 

It's probably worth your while working through other suggestions posted.  
Those which did not resolve my problem included:
connecting the modem directly to the Telstra socket and the 
phone to the modem's "phone" jack.  
turning call waiting off permanently.

eliminating connectors & extension cables

Another commonly suggested fix, reducing the serial line speed to 56k 
reduced, but did not eliminate the dropouts.

Concurrently, I used an internal 56k modem (Lucent Mars chipset), in a 
different PC.  This never dropped out when connected directly to the Telstra  
socket, and only occassionally when on a less direct link to the Telstra 
socket via the external modem or auto-switching device.

You could check which chipset your internal modem uses.  The manual won't 
tell you of course - you are only a user and don't need to know :-)  More 
recent Lucents are branded Agaere. If you are lucky enough 
to find one of the few supported by linux, then a special linux driver is 
needed - the linmodems site will probably have a link to it.

BTW, I've settled on a less direct connection to the Telstra socket, being a 
15 m extension cable, in-line connector and short modular cable - the theory 
being that I want to wear out the cheapo cables & connectors rather than the 
socket in the modem (or the Telstra socket).

It is a bit of a pain having to replug cables every time you  connect.


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