Unix Admin Position

Frank Ranner franner at tpg.com.au
Mon Jun 24 21:03:31 EST 2002

There is a Unix Admin role coming up soon at my work as a result of my
off-sider deciding 
to bolt for the US. Therefore I need a new offsider. The selection of
same is too important 
to leave to management, so I get to make the first selection. 

The role involves working with Solaris boxes, workstations and servers,
local and remote. 
At the moment there are no Linux systems, except some play systems, but
that may change. In 
any case, there is a lot of Free software in use so you should feel at

The job will provide formal training on Sun Hardware/Software, plus you
will get thrown 
in the deep end soon enough. Just joking, I got thrown in the deep end,
but managed 
to emerge after 12 months.

In addition to the Unix admin work, you will have the opportunity to
learn about 
Cisco routers, Nortel Passport voice/data switching, Oracle, Spectrum
Network Management, 
Citrix, Lotus Notes, Veritas Volume management, and disaster recovery. 

The job will require the ability to gain Defence clearance to Secret
level. This means, of 
course, you need to be an Australian Citizen. 

I will be at the CLUG meeting if anyone wants to talk about the role.
Also you can send 
your resume to frank.ranner at defence.gov.au if you want me to have a
look-see first.

Frank Ranner

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