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Brett Worth brettw at cray.com.au
Thu Jun 20 15:22:08 EST 2002

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Geoff Smith wrote:

> What I'd like is a setup a bit like the linux student labs in DCS at 
> anu. Ctrl-Alt-F5 gives me the local workstation and Ctrl-Alt-F4 lets me 
> log into the solaris server. How do I configure my laptop so that I can 
> Ctrl-Alt to my desktop instead of a console?

A while ago I was doing this on my notebook.  I think the incantation went
something like this:

 X -quiet -query geoffco vt08 :1.0 

I had it in /etc/inittab for a while but that only works while you're on
the LAN.  If you're not on the LAN and the other host is not contactable
then its no good.  The connection times out and as the X restarts it makes
itsself the current display.  So I ended up putting it in inittab under
state 4 with respawn.  The I could "init 4" for the remote display 
and "init 5" to get the local one.

R.H. also has the gdmflexiserver under Programs->System->New Login that
might be able to be configured to do a remote connection.

Or of course there's always VNC.


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