X Terminal Sessions setup

Geoff Smith gsmith at geoffco.net
Thu Jun 20 14:57:27 EST 2002

Hi all,

I'm attempting to set my laptop up as a X terminal to my desktop. In 
fact, that much I've already done, but it's a bit dodgy. I have to 
reboot my laptop to runlevel 3 (I'm running RH7.3), and then start X 
with X -quiet -query geoffco. (geoffco is my desktop, gcalaptop is my 
What I'd like is a setup a bit like the linux student labs in DCS at 
anu. Ctrl-Alt-F5 gives me the local workstation and Ctrl-Alt-F4 lets me 
log into the solaris server. How do I configure my laptop so that I can 
Ctrl-Alt to my desktop instead of a console?



        Geoff Smith

     gsmith at geoffco.net  			

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