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Michael James michael at james.st
Wed Jun 19 14:54:24 EST 2002

I'd like to put in an unqualified plug for Maestro modems,
 especially if you live in Canberra
 as they are a local (Mac's Reef road) company
 and you can ring or drop out there to resolve any problems.

If you live in the country
 (at the end of 50K of barbed wire fence doubling as a telephone line)
 the Womera model is the best modem in the world bar none,
 and worth the price.
Friends have bought them on apro and deemed them good value.

For more normal requirements the Companion and Jetstream modems
 are solid performers and hang onto connections like terriers.
Forget dropping of because of a call waiting bip,
 it takes a solid minute of whistling on another handpiece to dislodge them.
(This depends in the ISPs modems too, so your mileage may vary)

I've been using them for 10 years
 and have had excellent performance from the product,
 excellent technical assistance from the staff,
 and excellent warranty cover (the one time I needed it)


The pleasure from quality continues long after the excitement of a bargain.

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