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Can anybody point me in the right direction in sourcing a 'proper' modem.
I have approached various computer shops in Perth and they tell me that they don't stock them.
--They only carry  win-modems.....Is this a conspiracy ?

One vendor sold me a 'D-Link DFM-560i+' and told me that it was a 'hardware' modem.
Unfortunately after wasting half a day on it I have come to the conclusion that it isn't

Any suggestions ?

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Subject: re: Changing Font Size

I am a beginner at Linux.  I have just installed Linux on an old 
 computer I had at home.
 After completing the installation I have realized that I have got the 
 configuartion for the monitor wrong.
 I need a magnifying glass to read the screen when running GNome.
Is there a simple way to change the monitor driver (or change the font) 
I obviously don't want to re-install from scratch again.
Alan Buchanan

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