query /dev/port

adrian adrian at snowy.net.au
Sat Jun 15 19:12:03 EST 2002

I wish to read and write to the serial port and its associated registers.

I can read and write to the parallel port using /dev/port and address 
hex 378. I can also read the command and status registers by using port 
378 + 1 and 378 + 2

The serial port base address is hex 3f8 ( ttyS0 ) plus the various 
command status registers, 6 in total.

My question is can the serial port be controlled in the same manner, 
i.e. using /dev/port where the address is either 3f8 plus 3f8 +1, 3f8 +2 
etc. ?

In other words is /dev/port a general purpose I/O port ?

Adrian Blake
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