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Vennonen, Ari J ari.vennonen at eds.com
Thu Jun 13 16:22:57 EST 2002

Bob Edwards wrote:

> With underground, the problem is a little more complex. If someone
> decides initially not to be connected, then no trench is required. If
> they then decide later to connect, where does TransACT dig a trench to?
> How much trenching do they put in in advance "just to be sure"? Will the
> customer still want to connect later if it costs $2000 or more for the
> trench?

I am quite amused by the whole suggestion of placing cables within gas
conduits, etc.  There is an alternative solution which is yet to see the
light of day on this mailing list.  I am currently completing an assignment
for subject which forms part of the Australian Computer Society's
certification program and my topic is along the lines of "Using powerlines
for delivering broadband internet".  In an article which appeared in the
Australian newspaper's computer section on April 16 it was mentioned that
TransACT was part of a consortium of a dozen or so power utilities who were
investigating using powerlines for delivering internet services to
customers.  The main advantage is that power line infrastructure exists
almost everywhere and  assuming that this technology works, it will be a
powerful challenge to telcos like Telstra.  If anyone is interested in
testing progress in the US, take a look at http:/www.homeplug.org and
continue to the Public Site.

I realise that this technology won't necessarily be in place for a while but
the fact that TransACT is looking at the technology is encouraging as there
is a potential solution for people living in suburbs with underground

Ari Vennonen

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