TransACT 5 months in...

Michael Smarsz Michael.Smarsz at
Thu Jun 13 14:58:59 EST 2002


I am attempting to get some form of an "official" response/update for
these threads.

I will say one thing though, the free p2p network that is being created
will *not* be all run through a 1Mbps channel.  Currently, the
connection will run at whatever the connection speed (be it 256/64 or
512/128 etc) you have subscribed at.  Servers in the back-end will be
connected at whatever rate the provider has purchased (10/100/1000).

We want to show off the /true/ ability of a broadband network, the way
it should be.  It would be disastrous if we made you all wait this long
for something so bad.

The p2p network, called TransCity, is live and well on the customer
network, we just haven't hit the launch button yet as we are trying to
finalise some things.


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