TransACT 5 months in...

Jeremy jepri at
Tue Jun 11 18:40:29 EST 2002

> Webone offer no-charge data transfer between subscribers so I could
> setup
> my own ftp area to serve a few linux cds to other webone users. Of
> course
> this would be better done from inside webone.  Perhaps we could offer
> to donate recent linux cds to webone for them to serve from an FTP
> server.
> Of course if the TransACT peer-to-peer existed this could benefit
> subscribers to all TransACT ISPs.

I'm sure I saw mention somewhere on the webone site that they offered 
free 'uploads' - data going away from you is free.  If this is true, 
all we need is someone with a dyndns account and all is good.

I must test this one of these days - when I'm not already over my limit.

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