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Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Jun 13 12:14:55 EST 2002

Mark Purcell wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 08:29:58AM +1000, Neil Muller wrote:
> > BTW if you need more than 2 phone lines to your home (I run my business from my
> > home) then make sure you organise it with Transact when they are doing their
> > initial install. The standard Transact installation only supports 2 phone lines
> > and Transact charge the full $250 to come out and put additional lines in after
> > they've connected you the first time.
> Is it just me who finds this mildly ironic. TransACT offer something like
> 50 Mbps over the VDSL pair and then go and supply additional pairs
> for each of the 3 kHz analog phone services each of which is converted at the
> exchange into 64 kbps PCM circuits.
> Yes I know VoIP/ PSTN gateways aren't wide spread, but there must be
> a market there somewhere for one of the Telco's to terminate H.323/SIP
> calls into and out of the PSTN.  Certainly a lot cheeper than $250!!
> Mark

Don't forget that with the POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) analogue (note
the non-American spelling!) service, TransACT can:

 - remain compatible with handsets, fax machines, answering machines etc.
 - provide battery backup for the phone so that it will still work when
	the power fails


Bob Edwards.

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