Antti.Roppola at Antti.Roppola at
Tue Jun 11 10:23:03 EST 2002

Well it's all up and running now. An authentication failure turned
out to be a shortage of IP numbers for their Canberra subnet, and no
changes were required to get my modem/firewall working (beyond running
pppoe config again to update user/passwd etc). So far I have spoken
with about three helpdesk people and they have been helpful and frank
when something was broken on their end.

Now I need a quiet evening to re-write my traffic meter to do peak/offpeak
and to update mail and news... :o)


Patrick Cole wrote:

Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 03:03:37PM +1000, Damien Elmes wrote:
>> Let us know how you go with Netspace, Antti - they're the company I'm thinking
>> of moving to when my Telstra contract expires. Anyone else used them for ADSL
>> so far?

>I have Netspace ADSL.  It's good.  I use all of the 10GB plus a fair bit
>from my mates account.

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