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I am in the process of switching from Telstra to Netspace.

Netspace list acceptable equipment on their website and
it includes the Speed Touch (hey, it's connecting to the
same frame in the exchange already), while ADSL may be ADSL
it's worth paying attention to ISP supported hardware lists
lest you get fobbed off on tech support
	"Oh, I'm sorry, we don't support that modem. Bye! *CLICK*"

I'd love to report on how it's workiing, but Telstra have
managed to drag a simple changeover with clear instructions
into a minor epic. is a good resource for ADSL.


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James Ring <sjr at> wrote:
> On a related matter... those of us who are cursed with Telstra ADSL

On this point, I'd just like to mention that according to an email I've
been sent, Telstra has again offered a "Get out of ADSL free" card. You
even get to keep your ADSL modem if you like. This is pretty neat for
those of us who were away during the extremely short February offer.

So what I want to ask people is: Is an ADSL modem an ADSL modem, or are
there different breeds of ADSL modem? If I want to switch to a different
ADSL provider than Telstra, is the same ADSL modem going to work?

The modem Telstra gave me is an Alcatel Speed Touch Home, if that makes
a difference.
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