LAN - IpCop - Transact

Paul Bryan pa_bryan at
Tue Jul 30 13:20:04 EST 2002

Have a look at the rp-pppoe site. There's some information there about issues 
with some linux distros. They mention that RedHat's implementation is buggy. 

It seems they modified the code some. When I was trying to get it to work 
with the standard install, I could only get it going with RedHat's gui 
config. I think hand editing the config file resulted in seg faults left 
right and center.

Needless to say I wasn't too happy, being that the box connecting wasn't 
running a gui.

I downloaded the packages from the rp-pppoe site (they have rpm's there) and 
hey presto no problems. I could configure my connection without needing a 

Give that a try - it worked pretty much out of the box so that might be the 
way to get you up and running.


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