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Rob Shugg rshugg at
Tue Jul 30 13:18:11 EST 2002

I have an ipcop set up with transact, it was pretty straight forward. You
dont need to install RP as it comes in the ipcop distro. once you have your
ipcop box set up connect to its admin web page with a browser and configure
the dialup, in this case pppoe. the only thing that had me stuck for a while
was that that the account name (with webone for mine) had to be in the form
username at
not just username.


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If you are able to - setup an Windoze box with the Enternet software on it
and use it to ensure you actually have a working TransACT broadband
connection.   TransACT have been known to mess up the odd broadband

Regards,  Chris.

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Hello all,

We took the plunge into Transact (via Netspeed) . I set up a small home
network (1 Linux RH 7.2, 1 Win2000, plus Ipcop for a firewall. It all
sounded so easy while reading HOWTOs (Net, Ethernet, PPP, Ipcop installation
and administration, Smoothwall docs just for good measure, new install of
RP-PPPOE. Problem is, I still can't connect...

I went through a manual install, following the instructions that came with
RP-PPPOE, and got a debug file. All the settings look OK, to my un-trained

ADSL-START times out with the error message:

line 193: 16119 Terminated        $CONNECT "$@" > /dev/null 2>&1

In the long term, I'd like to understand what is going on. In the short
term, I'd just like to get connected. I've searched the web and mailing list
archives looking for a cookbook-style set of instructions. Does anyone know
whether such instructions exist, and where I could find them?

Other than the cook-book, where would you suggest I start looking for
problems? 2 things I haven't got clear from the docs are:

The relationship between the LAN boxes, the firewall and PPPOE.

The Linux box used to be a standalone box with its own firewall (whatever RH
puts in when you install it). I assume I now don't need this. Could this be
a contributing factor? How do I uninstall it?

Sorry about the length of this post.

Thanks in advance for you help.

Phil Carter
phil.carter at

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