C books (was "K&R C book wanted")

Andreas Bauer baueran at in.tum.de
Sun Jul 28 17:47:51 EST 2002

>   If someone has another second hand copy for a reasonable price I
> think my friend might buy it so you can drop me a line.  He is also
> looking for something that is better for beginners.  Does anyone have
> any recommendations?  The "Learn C in 21 Days" book looked okay at a

I think one of the best books to learn C from is "Learning to Program in
C" by Thomas Plum.  It's not written like these "Learn C in 21 Days" type
of books, but definately not too hard to read either.  However, it has
more of a "scientific approach" (yeah, whatever that means) and will also
tell you lots about how computers work internally (different number
systems, pointer arithmetic, bit-shifting, etc.)

You should be able to get it from Amazon or order it via any bookstore.

  Plum Hall; ISBN: 0911537082; 2nd Ed.

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