Webone blocking port 25??

Jeremy jepri at webone.com.au
Fri Jul 26 16:18:08 EST 2002

>   Can you imagine creating a Clue-Required big VPN over the
>old infested IPv4 Internet?  Fully public-keyed, no one gets in without
>three recognized references, and enough addresses for everyone?  Nodes
>on the ClueNet would be required to drop all IPv4 packets at kernel level.

I love the idea.  And if TransACT ever does get their peer2peer network going
it might be a whole lot sooner than you would think.

Can anyone here comment on how to go about it?  It would be easy enough to do
ye olde SSH-PPP trick, but surely there must be something more elegant.  I guess
it wouldn't be too hard just using NAT, but then encrypting it is a problem.

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