TransACT ISP comparison (long)

Jeremy jepri at
Fri Jul 26 16:10:27 EST 2002

> From my experience, simply surfing to slashdot daily, checking email 
>and doing some ssh work you chew through about 1Gb a month. If you start 
>downloading ISO images that quickly goes up.
>I would start with a larger plan (2 Gb say?) and scale it back once you 
>know your usage under high bandwidth conditions :)

I recently went back onto 56Kb modem and I'm quite happy with it.  I know I
can't control myself when I'm on broadband, so I kicked the habit.  Now I have
an All-You-Can-Eat modem account and it rocks. I leave it running all day and
all night, download whatever I want, and when the bill comes in, it's only ever

The slow speed is a bonus as well.  I start downloading five webpages, then
get up and clean a bit of my room.  I get quite a bit of cleaning done thesedays

The joke is that it's running over TranACT lines, so the little packets go digital->analogue->digital->analogue->digital
just to get me to the net.

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