TransACT ISP comparison (long)

Chris Fletcher cf at
Fri Jul 26 15:59:06 EST 2002

NetSpeed's offices in the Curtin shops are connected via TransACT.  They
also have an internet cafe so you can check out the performance for
yourself.  If you ask nicely they even have a 'showcase' where they can
demonstrate the TV, Internet and VOD services on the 'big screen'.

They also run 'open days' every now and then which are pretty good.  And
they also were running the LANFest and NerdFest LAN parties there for a
while until they ran out of room for all the people.  All for free too, so
they are pretty good in my books.

Speak to Brian someone (sorry, don't know his last name) he's the manager
and he seems like a nice guy - no b.s. easy to talk to.

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> On 26/07/2002 at 3:22 PM Bill Clarke wrote:
> >all except the Galaxy guy were quite helpful, but i could have just
> got
> >a bad support person at Galaxy.  Netspeed were the only ones with a
> >TransACT telephone service (the strange ring tone).
> >
> You'll find that most TransACT ISP's offices are not in a TransACT
> serviced area. :-)
> Apex is in the part of braddon that is not serviced, galaxy in
> fyshwick and webone in mitchell. However I think netspeed is in
> curtin? So that should be a serviced area.
> -SW

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