Is RedHat getting too smart for its own good?

Howard Lowndes lannet at
Fri Jul 26 13:50:31 EST 2002

I have just installed RH 7.3 onto a workbench machine.

I installed everything just to see what was there.

3 CDs and 90 minutes later it now occupies 3.3Gb of my hard drive.  OK, I
know that I didn't _need_ to install _everything_.

Having got that far I found that it had discovered both NICs in the box
but that only one was configured to be initiated on boot up.

Off I go to look for Linuxconf - a very useful utility for configuring
NICs.  Gone - missing - not there - disaster.  It seems that RH have
chosen to kill off linuxconf.

Nothing for it - head for the GUI and Control Panel.  Click on Network
Device Control - after 10 seconds nothing happens.  Click on Network
Configuration - after 10 seconds nothing happens.  Look in
/var/log/messages - nothing there.  Try topping the processes and I see
kdeinit kick in then disappear after the 10 seconds.

Nothing for it;  vi, and edit the scripts.  Nothing works better than
something simple.

What have RH screwed up now?  Needless to say there is no mention I can
find on their web site.

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