Brad Hards bhards at
Thu Jul 18 08:33:14 EST 2002

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 02:17, luis herrada wrote:
> Martinjn:
> I write code for the Kernel space. You are right when
> you say that uaccess.h has functions for specific
> purposes, in my case I want to transfer data from the
> Kernel to  the user space. It 'd be great if the
> library did what it is supposed to do, but I receive a
> single error from the header uaccess.h .
What error? Please don't interprete it - just cut'n'paste.

> Do you think that Red Hat 6.2 is not working fine with
> some functions? My code is so simple to have errors.
What kernel are you running?

> Check the constant "Current" in sched.h
> I 'd appreciate your help.

This is pretty fundamental, but non-standard stuff, especially
the return values. Probably the best source of info on this topic
is the Linux Device Drivers book 
(see  for an online copy).

If you live in Canberra, I think that there are some printed
copies at the Collins bookshop in Woden.

If you need help debugging, it normally helps to make the source
available somehow (a website if it is big, or attach it to an email).

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