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Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Sun Jul 7 22:35:57 EST 2002

On Sun, 2002-07-07 at 17:54, Paul Warren wrote:
> Hey there good people.
>    Only things left are the two dumb terminals...

Dammit...  :-)
Who got the 411's, and can I possibly snaffle one? I have 2 sparcs, an
SS2 and an SS5. Neither have disks, which is the last thing stopping me
from getting them working.... (I don't have the disk space spare to
house a full network bootable linux install for one, let alone two extra
Failing that, anyone got an SCA-plugged SCSI hard disk suitable for
either of these machines kicking around that they'll give free to a good
home? Nah, didn't think so....   :-)

> still looking for a PCMCIA ethernet card (with dongles ;o)

Still can't help. Sorry... :-)

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