snort and iptables

Pietro Abate abate at
Wed Jul 3 21:38:45 EST 2002

hi everybody.
I'm trying to setting up snort, but I'm in trouble.
Since I'm already using iptables to block unwanted traffic (with 
really strict rules) when snort start sniffing on my interface it sees
only the already filtered traffic. This is the 'intrusion detection
system' mode, but I would like to use it as an 'attack detection

I guess that using tun/tap modules is it possible to do something like

incoming traffic ------> eth0 (iptables) ---> my pc
                   \_____(snort) ---> log file

in other words, as it is possible to attach a stealth machine to a
network and use it as ids, I'm sure is possible to attach snort in front
of iptables and analyze all the traffic before blocking it.

Has anybody any thought about that ? I read docs around, but I didn't
find any suitable solution.

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