(OT)mirror at WebOne

Marek Samoc mjs111 at rsphy1.anu.edu.au
Thu Jan 31 22:24:28 EST 2002

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Nathan Le Nevez wrote:

NLN> Subject: RE: (OT)mirror at WebOne
NLN> I've just sent my 2 cents worth off to Webone...
NLN> IMHO its in their best interest to setup a local mirror for linux
NLN> distros, etc, maybe something like mirror.aarnet :o), as it would save
NLN> on their outgoing bandwidth to their upstream provider (which is volume
NLN> charged).

It does not work this way. Traffic from a local mirror would be free of
charge (otherwise why would you like to use it!), so no profit for Web1.
On the other hand, traffic from aarnet is charged to a customer, and can
be also proxied. Thus it does not make any good business sense (other than
making customers happy) for any Transact provider to set up internal

An interesting question is, whether intra-Transact traffic, e.g. from
Webone customers to Netspeed customers is going to be accounted for and
billed. Is there any word on that?

(on Webone-Transact 1Mb/s since 3rd Jan.)

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